Tiny Leaps 30 Day Online Program

Tiny Leaps is a 30 day online program that will take you on an adventure where you’ll dive deeper into yourself to bring out your Best!

If you've been yearning for a change or looking for a signpost - This is it!
If it's time to make health and lifestyle changes because you want increased energy, 
mental clarity and to perform at your Best in each moment...


Across the 30 days of this online program you will educate yourself on the basics of health, nutrition and the mind - and how they are all interlinked with optimum health and being your best. 

We will bring awareness to your current health and lifestyle choices and observe habits, and ways of being that are and are not supportive to YOUR BEST. This practice is about educating yourself, so you know you have a choice. It’s about becoming aware of the power of your mind and it's impact on your body and performance. And above all, it's time each day that you'll dive deeper into the moment to pull out your own insights.

Sometimes life gets too busy. A lot of the time we make people, work and other engagements more important than our health, our needs and what’s important to us. And the longer we do that, the quicker we lose sight of our own voice; the one that’s deep inside that whispers our dreams to us.

This is the opportunity for you to carve out that time. 

First off, you’ll be held accountable to the 30 days because we’ll be walking through it together. And because the program is online and accessible 24/7, you can complete each day at your own pace, in your own downtime.

Is this program for me?

If you have tried to make changes but... you were abducted by the cookie monster and fed gluten filled cookies, or if you have been distracted by kids, nappies, your boss, laundry, dogs, cats, university, work and the plethora of other mediocre excuses. It's time.

If you want to feel good, if you want to Be Your Best in all areas of your life; this is for you.
Or, if you simply want a companion and witness as you take TINY LEAPS, this is for you. 

Being our Best starts with daily conscious choices. And if we're not conscious to our daily habits, limitations and excuses, we get lost amongst the chaos in our lives, we berate our bodies and push ourselves when we require compassion. 

This is a slow and steady practice. This is about making sustainable changes from within, which will come from YOUR OWN insights around what I share.

Wherever you’re at, that’s where we begin. 

We start Now. We start Here. We start where you’re at.

Online Program Structure

BEING YOUR BEST arises from the moment. It starts where you are. It begins whether you're content with daily life or whether you're seeking out a new change. Hence the only structure for this program is that you'll receive a daily email from me.
As with the TINY LEAPS podcast series, it's all dervied from the moment - the only place you'll hear your intuitive guidance.

And I can tell you that on Day 1 we will be talking about COMMITMENT. (No, not marriage or relationships. Commitment to YOU and YOUR 30 Days).

What’s included?

Each morning you’ll receive..
-   A daily email
-   1 x daily audio
-   A daily activity
-   You’ll have unlimited email access to ME for 30 days.

The online format allows you to access the information at anytime in your day that’s convenient to you. It’s designed to work into your life. So, there’s no excuses. (ShhhNope, none!) 

Above all, I believe if our hearts are truly ready to embark, we will be effortlessly committed. Yes, the challenges and curveballs will still come our way, but we’ll be heart strong and capable to move forward with chutzpah!

Program Start Dates

First intake: Monday, 17th of July, 2017
Second Intake: Monday, 24th of July, 2017

Cost of Program: $97 for 30 days. 

That's $3.20 a day spent on becoming a better version of yourself - and let's be honest, putting pressure on your daily coffee to do that job is a lot to ask! #poorcoffee

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