Tell Your Story

If you want to share your story but don’t quite know how, Tell Your Story is for you.
Do you have trouble communicating to others what it is you actually do? 
If you want to connect with and engage your audience in fun and creative ways 
that share your core business message, this is for you! 


Each one of us has a story to share.
It may be the one you started at your dinner table, which caused an eruption of laughter amongst your family.
It may be a deep and personal insight you learned after walking through one of life’s challenges.
It could be locking yourself out of the house, spilling coffee down your shirt,
finding 50 bucks, surfing your first wave or getting a puppy.
Or maybe your story starts with sharing your umbrella with a stranger at the bus stop.

No matter where our stories begin, they are adventures to be shared.

Our stories are the vessel for spreading:
- supportive messages and learnings
- causing smiles and igniting laughter 
- inspiring others
- brightening someone’s day 
- fostering connections with each other
- growing businesses and driving innovation
- documenting life from generation to generation


Since smartphones, tablets, the internet and computers have replaced (much) of our face to face connections,
your personal story has become more important than ever.

Without you, there is only an empty shell. 

Sharing your personal story allows your audience to connect with who you are. 

People do not connect with brands alone. They wanna know the YOU that’s behind your brand - and all you stand for!
If you’re an organisation, people connect with your core business message = The SEED.

As we share who we are, without hiding the scars or battle wounds, we show our humanness and 
share the reality of our (perfectly) imperfect journeys.

Through transparency, being open and authentic you capture hearts. 
By allowing people to get to know the REAL you, you naturally engage your audience. 

Don’t freak out. Sharing your personal story doesn’t mean you have to go into the nitty gritty and deeply intimate parts of your story. 
Telling Your Story is about capturing your essence in a way that brings out your best.

It is simply about sharing:

WHO you are.
What you do.
HOW you got here. 
And HOW YOU can help others.

Our personal stories are born from yearning to be our best and live out our dreams.
Our stories are crafted from pursuing our creative desires and making them a reality.
The deeper we delve into ourselves, the more we understand who we are and what impact we are here to make.

So how do you capture all that?
Good question. Here's how...

Tell Your Story Packages -

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Client Soundbite Samples: 

I was asked to produce a complete Soundbite Series for Commbank's Wired for Wonder event by Creative Director + Co-founder Sarah Roocroft.
Here are two samples of the Soundbite/Podcast from the Series of 47 recordings. 



Tamara asked me to produce a 2 part Soundbite Series, with short audio snippets she could place on her website and educate prospective clients.
And use them for newsletter content!




Two parts from the 6 part video series.




* Extras can be purchased individually without a package *




Your Personal Story in video and audio (Soundbites):
✔ Transcend the written word and speak from the heart.
✔ Give yourself a point of difference, by having someone facilitate the best answers out of you.
✔ Step out from behind the screen. Grace your audience with your presence via soundbites and video.
✔ Connect and engage with your audience in a personal and interactive way online.
✔ Bring your vibe, quirks and true demeanour to your video or audio bio - the stuff that cracks a smile.
✔ Oh! Send it to your mother, she’ll be proud *winks*

Where to use this content:
✔ Share and embed soundbites and video interviews on social media platforms, in your newsletters, blog posts and more.
✔ Embed your story on your landing, about or sales pages. 
✔ Add to your LinkedIn profile, press kit, speaker kit, media submissions, press releases and more.
✔ Use it for your publicity campaigns: interviews, guest posts, promoting programs and events, for prospective clients, 
    send to media and your publicity team - I mean, they’re asking you for content all the time, right?!


How I Can Help You

Armed with over 12 years experience and a bucket full of love for telling engaging stories, I want to help you write it, produce it, and inspire your audience.

Most likely, you’ve walked through a hurricane and had some “Life Changing Moment” that spurred on your personal and professional growth. 
Correct? (I’m imagining you’re nodding saying yes right now)

Ask yourself…

What’s my Life Changing Moment?

How has it changed me for the better?
Where am I now that I wouldn’t be without the experience?
Where have my greatest lessons chartered my course?
What have I gone through to attain my vision? 
Who am I now? What do I stand for? 

People want to know the REAL you.

Audiences connect and learn from your personal experience - not where you’ve arrived, your material success or how much money you make.

Remember, you don’t have to divulge your most private experiences. 
However, you can still share your grandest insights without going into the fine details.

Your money story, health story or relationship experience has made you into who you are today. 
Those very challenging moments in your life have brought about personal transformation. 

This is why I’m passionate about Telling Your Story.

If you’ve been searching for ways to TELL YOUR STORY, my offer is FOR YOU.
I would love to work with you.



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I look forward to working with you and sharing YOUR STORY with your audience!

Much Warmth,


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