Speaker Training Masterclass

The Speaker Training Masterclass is for professionals, creatives, influencers and small business 
owners who are looking to be better presenters and communicators.


If you’re looking to:

> Improve your public speaking skills
> Learn to speak with poise, clarity and purpose
> Learn to communicate your message effectively
> Build your confidence
> Master stage presence and body awareness (learn how to use your body onstage, on camera etc.)
> Learn about voice projection, pace and tone
> Discover the power of stillness
> Establish your online presence using video content, podcasts or webinars
> Prepare yourself for online interviews, media interviews, radio and TV
> Host your own workshops or live talks to share your message/business
> Create social media video content



> Identify individual habits that hold you back from being an effective communicator/speaker.
> Overcome certain (sometimes unconscious) blocks you have that hinder your communication and speaking skills.
> Teach you key aspects of presenting naturally.
> Breakdown the storytelling process and make it so simple you’ll never forget it!
> Increase your confidence in multiple settings (the workplace, onstage, presentations, in front of the camera and more)
> Arm you with techniques to conquer nerves, stress, anxiety and fear that you can draw on in any moment (not just when presenting a talk)
> Improve and develop a strong physical and vocal presence
> Harness the power of stage presence
> Awareness of your body language
> Leadership presence

And much MORE! 




SPEAKER TRAINING MASTERCLASS runs for 2 hours. It's fun, interactive and packed with info!
You'll be presenting. You'll get out of your head and into your body. 

The practical components of the class are tailored to each person.
The class is an intimate group limited to 10 people. 

I will work with you individually within the group setting. 

Each individual has different obstacles to overcome and areas for improvement. 

I’ll help you recognise your blocks and support you to move through them very quickly to improve your
presenting and communication BEFORE you leave speaker training masterclass.



Date: Friday 6th April, 2018
Time: 10am - 12pm (Sydney Time)
Location: Ocean St, Narrabeen on Sydney's Northern Beaches
(Full address will be provided with purchase of your spot)

If you're on the city-side of town, you can catch the B-Line (plan your trip here)
this will drop you 8mins from the class address.

What to prepare:
Prepare a 1-2 min talk on a topic of your choice (potentially about you, your story or a topic you're an expert on).
I will work with you on perfecting and fine-tuning this short talk - so please, make time to learn this.
It doesn't have to be word perfect, but please don't wing it on the day (ensures you get the most
out of our session together) 



The Speaker Training Masterclass Includes:
>  Written feedback provided by Monica
> Video recording of your class work
>  Individual coaching time in the class with Monica
>  A 5% discount on future 1:1 speaker training sessions with Monica  


 Can't make this masterclass? Email me and let's talk about some other options.



My aim is to encourage YOU to express yourself and be the best communicator YOU can be. 

I have seen countless people walk into my classes scared, nervous and shy.
They leave with a newfound confidence, a connection to self and the realisation that they have something to say

That's why I do what I do. Seeing this transformation lights me up.

I'll help you bring the feeling inside of you out - that’s what communication is about. 

We’re all destined for greatness. 
The more we express ourselves, the more we step into our greatness. 
Sometimes we need a little guidance along the way for us to realise our power. 








"I was extremely impressed by the value Monica’s public speaking masterclass offers. Within the two hour class, she had not only covered the basics of public speaking (i.e. posture, speed, projection, conquering nerves), she had provided detailed and personalised feedback for each participant. Monica is incredibly observant and picks up the nuances of your performance in a way that most people can’t. She offers constructive criticism in a gentle yet helpful way, so you feel inspired not intimidated. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one of Monica’s masterclasses to anyone who wants to develop their public speaking skills and confidence. I’ll definitely be back for another!” 
- Emma Norris, journalist and copywriter at Content in the City


“From the very beginning, Monica created a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for the class. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and not only received professional information which helped me develop my expression, but also formed a new circle of friends. Monica responded to our speeches with specialised knowledge, and even though I have never struggled to speak publicly as such, I received valuable tools and recordings, all of which are designed to excel even the most established talker. I would recommend this program to everyone, it can merit all—no matter which level of public confidence has already been established.” - Phoebe Lipcar, Model, Wink Models



"With so much filling my life in business and work, I always find it hard to set aside time for professional development. When Monica got in touch, though, I jumped at the opportunity to have some coaching in presenting and speaking. She is easy to talk to, friendly and great at giving feedback in a way that isn’t intimidating or scary. In fact, it’s the opposite! I wanted to jump straight back in and do more video practice to get my talks just right. I wrote down loads of notes and she also video’d our session which has been extremely useful so I can see for myself the areas I want to tweak. Her best advice for me was “Don’t be afraid of silence. Use the pause in your talk to draw people in”. YES!!! Loved our session and would highly recommend Monica to others looking to fine tune their speaking, communication and presenting skills."
- Anna Hodges, Purple Squirrel Recruitment 

“Monica transformed the way I approach my speaking engagements. In a short space of time, she was able to clarify my intention, identify the blocks that were stopping me from shaping my content more effectively, and encourage me to connect with my message in a deeper way. The work I’ve done with Monica has boosted my confidence no-end and given me the kickstart I needed to move forward in my speaking career.  Thank you Monica!”
- Rebecca Ray, Clinical Psychologist, Author, Speaker



"I did a speaker training session with Monica and it was really valuable. I speak often and have been struggling to get to the next level with my speaking. I was able to work through lots of challenges I have with speaking and she provided some great advice that I am looking forward to using in my next speech."
- Dean Salakas, The Party People, Speaker


"Monica is creative, soulful, clever and professional - a rare combination of talents and skills! She is a wonderful writer, presenter and created the most amazing podcast for Wired for Wonder in 2016. Her experience was so valuable in helping us create some content with a difference. Thank you Monica I know I'll find opportunities to collaborate with you again in the future!" 
- Sarah Roocroft, Co-Founder Commbank's Wired for Wonder, Founder The Wonder Tribe & Sienna Baby



"Thank you again for your time yesterday it was well worth my time. I found it a very positive experience and best of all you provided me with simple, realistic tips for any presentation that are both easy to remember and implement anywhere. In fact, I used a couple of them this morning prior to addressing to 60 business owners and subsequently received some nice compliments following the event. I am more than happy to recommend your services and look forward to hearing more about your upcoming workshops." - Michael Locke, Locke Pty Ld



"I had the great pleasure of working with Monica for some online presentation training in preparation for my LinkedIn video series.  I wasn't sure what to expect and was amazed and impressed with the insights she was able to share with me.  Her excellent coaching and feedback very quickly identified the key areas for me to improve and her skilled suggestions and comments within minutes enabled me to do the same presentation 100% better.  From speaking slower and less hand movements through to bringing more conversational style to the presentation, her skilled insights enabled me to start to improve very quickly.  I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their presentation and speaking skills." - Michelle Gennoe, On Purpose Transformation



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