One-to-One Speaker Training Sessions


Are you considering one-to-one speaker training? Not sure if it’s for you?


The key benefits of working privately with Monica

> Your sessions are tailored specifically to your training needs
> You can advance more quickly 
> The feedback provided will address aspects of your speaking or communication that go beyond basic speaking skills
> Feedback is the greatest way to master and hone your speaking and communication skills


How these sessions will benefit you:

> Increase your confidence in multiple settings (the workplace, onstage, presentations, in front of the camera and more)
> Arm you with techniques to conquer nerves, stress, anxiety and fear that you can draw on in any moment (not just when presenting a talk)
> Improve and develop a strong physical and vocal presence
> Harness the power of stage presence
> Techniques tailored to release any personal blocks limiting your communication
> Techniques to communicate confidently
> Awareness around the ways we ‘block’ effective communication
> Awareness around the power of listening
> Awareness of your body language
> Leadership presence
> Storytelling structure for presentations or speeches
> Realise how self care and a wellbeing mindset impact your communication
> Increase your communication effectiveness with others in various work settings (and in personal and social relationships)
> Realise the value and importance of raising your voice
And more!



One-to-one sessions can be delivered via video conferencing (Skype) or in-person.
In person sessions are held at Monica Kade HQ in Sydney, on the Northern Beaches.

We can work together on crafting your speech, an already prepared speech/presentation and your overall presenting skills.


Package Options

I only work with clients on a monthly basis. This is so we can truly develop the areas you need support and guidance with. 
Voice and physicality are just one component of being a truly powerful speaker, there is SO much more. 
Transformation doesn't happen overnight. Will we make some immediate transformations - absolutely - the rest come with
being commited to yourself and our work together.

And this is why I'm not just another speaker coach or trainer. I genuinely care about helping you communicate with purpose
from the depths of who you are. 

I would like you to walk away with a deeper connection to yourself, certainty in who you are and inevitably, a powerful voice!

All sessions include:
> 1 x weekly 1HR Skype or In-person session
> Personal communication analysis
> Weekly homework activities to help you develop your true voice
> Vocal Training
> Techniques tailored to release any personal blocks limiting your communication
> Presenting to an audience training
> Presenting to camera training
> Video recordings of each session
> Written feedback of each session

While each package includes the above, no package is a stock standard coaching experience. 
All sessions are tailored to the individual - hence our introductory personal communication analysis. 
This identifies the areas that would be most supportive to work on, while also fine tunes the areas you are naturally confident in.

Pack Options:
> 4 Pack (delivered over 1 month)
> 8 Pack (delivered over 2 months)
> 10 Pack (delivered over 2.5 months)

**Payment plans available. Please contact me.


If you would like to inquire about booking in your monthly session pack or to inquire about pricing, please email me!



"With so much filling my life in business and work, I always find it hard to set aside time for professional development. When I met Monica, I jumped at the opportunity to have some coaching in presenting and speaking. She is easy to talk to, friendly and great at giving feedback in a way that isn’t intimidating or scary. In fact, it’s the opposite! I wanted to jump straight back in and do more video practice to get my talks just right. I wrote down loads of notes and she also video’d our session which has been extremely useful so I can see for myself the areas I want to tweak. Her best advice for me was “Don’t be afraid of silence. Use the pause in your talk to draw people in”. YES!!! Loved our session and would highly recommend Monica to others looking to fine tune their speaking, communication and presenting skills."
- Anna Hodges, Managing Director, Purple Squirrel Recruitment 

“Monica transformed the way I approach my speaking engagements. In a short space of time, she was able to clarify my intention, identify the blocks that were stopping me from shaping my content more effectively, and encourage me to connect with my message in a deeper way. The work I’ve done with Monica has boosted my confidence no-end and given me the kickstart I needed to move forward in my speaking career.  Thank you Monica!”
- Dr. Rebecca Ray, Clinical Psychologist, Author, Speaker


"I absolutely loved working with Monica to refine my interviewing skills. Her warm nature combined with her no-nonsense practical advice really lifted my confidence and I saw immediate improvements. She has a wealth of experience, so she brings a tonne of value. Most importantly, she articulates this in such a clear and friendly manner, giving you direction based on your natural style to bring out the best in you in a way that’s not staged. I’d highly recommend Monica for anyone wanting to improve their public speaking and interviewing skills." 
- Monika Pietrowski, Presenter



"I did speaker training with Monica and it was really valuable. I speak often and have been struggling to get to the next level with my speaking. I was able to work through lots of challenges I have with speaking and she provided some great advice that I am looking forward to using in my next speech." - Dean Salakas, CEO, The Party People 


"I run a small independent publishing company working with independent authors from around the world. I was very conscious and nervous about how I was coming across to people. I worried this was affecting my business and our potential to reach and convert potential clients. Working with Monica was easy from the get go. Her warm and friendly nature instantly made me feel very comfortable and at ease in explaining my concerns. She was quick to understand my business and to see where we should focus our time. The session was invaluable for increasing my confidence and giving me specific actionable feedback to improve my presentation and speaking. I highly recommend working with Monica if you are in business and want to ensure you are communicating well (be it for small or large groups, in person or through online webinars)." - Kate Stead, Director of Marketing, Old Mate Media  


"Thank you again for your time yesterday it was well worth my time. I found it a very positive experience and best of all you provided me with simple, realistic tips for any presentation that are both easy to remember and implement anywhere. In fact, I used a couple of them this morning prior to addressing to 60 business owners and subsequently received some nice compliments following the event. I am more than happy to recommend your services and look forward to hearing more about your upcoming workshops."
- Michael Locke, Managing Partner, Locke Pty Ld



 "I had the great pleasure of working with Monica for some online presentation training in preparation for my LinkedIn video series. I wasn't sure what to expect and was amazed and impressed with the insights she was able to share with me.  Her excellent coaching and feedback very quickly identified the key areas for me to improve and her skilled suggestions and comments within minutes enabled me to do the same presentation 100% better.  From speaking slower and less hand movements through to bringing more conversational style to the presentation, her skilled insights enabled me to start to improve very quickly.  I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their presentation and speaking skills." - Michelle Gennoe, CEO, On Purpose Transformation


To inquire about availability and package pricing please contact Monica.