Express Yourself - The Ultimate 12-day Communication eCourse


Do you find yourself tongue tied at the best of times?
Do you lack confidence when you want to express yourself?
When it comes to writing about yourself or highlighting your business for the media,
are you sucked into the vortex of a flashing cursor?
When you have to present a speech, enter a room full of people or attend a job interview,
do you wish you could just melt into oblivion?


Maybe you’re a writer and you’ve got writer’s block.
Maybe you’re a business owner who can’t seem to articulate what you’re all about.
Maybe you work in a team and want to communicate more effectively with others.
Maybe you're a blogger, content creator or speaker and you feel creatively constipated.

Whoever and whatever you are, I can help!

I designed this 12-day online adventure to help you express what you FEEL and say what you really wanna say.




If you are any one (or more) of the following, you’ll greatly benefit from this program.
- You can be ANY age. (Ain't no age limit on learning and growing)
- A professional (all sorts welcome)
- An employee
- A creative mind
- A singer, songwriter - or both
- Speaker
- Writer
- Actor, director, producer
- Mother, Husband, Grandparent…
- Business owner

Essentially: If you are a HUMAN that wants to express themselves better - THIS IS FOR YOU.


How will this eCourse help you?

This program will help you:
- Build your leadership presence.
- Present better in interviews (job, media, radio, podcasts and so on).
- Present confidently in meetings, company presentations and on stage.
- Help you connect to YOUR OWN voice!
- Be a more confident in yourself.
- Become more self aware.
- Offer activities that can help you become more mindful in your day-to-day life.
- Make you a better Lover (Seriously! No, really, I’m serious.)
- Make you a better partner, daughter, son, sibling, family member - really an all round BETTER HUMAN.
- In business.
- Write soul moving and smile starting content, books, poems, plays, scripts and more.
- Be aware of how your current communication patterns have held you hostage.
- If you’re an introvert.
- If you’re an extrovert.
- Pinpoint aspects of your current way of communicating that hold you back.
- Realise that you have a voice and what you have to say is important and it can change your (the) world.

How it works

Each day you’ll receive a charming, witty, informative and actionable email delivering:
- An audio on the daily topic 
- A daily message
- An activity or idea to ponder on for yourself that day
- Have email access to me for 12 days to discuss any questions that arise

Each topic explores:
- How and why we hold ourselves back from saying what we really feel.
- Why we get stifled in confronting situations.
- How you can articulate yourself more effectively - even when you want to shut down or feel scared. 
- The certain areas in your life that limit your true expression - which you wouldn’t think are connected to effective communication.
- What’s really happening when you experience writer’s block, creative constipation or lack innovative ideas and solutions. 

And much more!

Communication is the foundation for successful relationships and connections of all kinds.
By being an effective communicator you’ll be able to express yourself clearly, say what you really mean, go after what you really love and connect with people in ways that enrich you mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

Being open and honest with ourselves first, allows us to be open and honest with others. Doing so enables us to grow and evolve into our greatest potential.

OH! P.S,

Aside from being a writer with years of experience and a podcaster, I’m also a professionally trained actor. I've taken my actor and communication training and blended them into the ULTIMATE COMMUNICATION experience, so you can apply it to your life immediately. This stuff is FUN and will transform how you interact and engage with the people in your life.




 Monica’s 'Express Yourself' course came at the perfect time for me. It became a catalyst to begin the process of finding my post-motherhood 'why'. The challenge helped me clear some of the blockages getting in the way of that process. The bite-size activities were surprisingly easy to accommodate into my day.

The challenge helped me cement my values but more importantly, it forced me think about what I need to be doing to create the space in my life to hear and act on my gut instinct. Monica’s course and her support gave me a leg up in the courage stakes. Since doing it I have closed down a business that was not aligned to my values or passion.

A special message to Monica: You said that you would be there throughout the challenge and you really were. You are passionate, kind-hearted and generous. Thank you.

- Sally Coldrick, Director, Curiosity Matters Co


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