Express Yourself - Communication Masterclass (Live Event)


Express Yourself LIVE is a public speaking and communication masterclass for professionals and small business
owners who are looking to be better communicators.

This intimate and personally tailored masterclass caters for professionals who wish to improve all aspects of their communication. 

- Maybe you’re seeking to be more confident when presenting in client meetings, on phone calls and in day-to-day workplace conversations. 
- Maybe you want to be a better speaker and presenter. 
- Maybe you want to better your communication so you can engage with others and be more social.

If you’re looking to:

- Improve your public speaking skills
- Learn to speak with poise, clarity and purpose
- Learn to communicate your message effectively
- Build your confidence
- Master stage presence and body awareness (learn how to use your body onstage, on camera etc.)
- Learn about voice projection, pace and tone
- Learn to speak on the spot about your craft and profession without a script
- Discover the power of stillness
- Establish your online presence using video content, podcasts or webinars
- Prepare yourself for online interviews, media interviews, radio and TV
- Host your own workshops or live talks to share your message/business



I have trained as an actor/presenter for 10 years. I was accepted into the Atlantic Theatre Company in New York City (founded by William, H. Macy and David Mamet). I have trained under some of Hollywood's best acting coaches. My Australian tuition includes NIDA, On Camera Connections, Screenwise, Private and group coaching with John Noble (Lord of the Rings, Elementary, Fringe, Sleepy Hollow) and his daughter Samantha Noble (Gabriel, Fringe, All Saints). Since 2015, I have taught children, teens and adults at PointBreak Drama on the Northern Beaches (and still do). I've also worked on professional projects doing voiceovers for radio, TV commercials and acted in a handful of feature and short films.I also host The Moment HQ: Your Best Starts Now iTunes podcast show with thousands of global listeners. And I have 10+ years experience working within communications.


- Identify individual habits that hold you back from being an effective communicator/speaker.
- Help you overcome certain (sometimes unconscious) blocks you have that hinder your communication.
- Offer specialised activities and techniques that will help you speak with confidence.
- Teach you techniques that will help you shake off nerves, anxiety and worry.
- Teach you how you can connect with anyone, anywhere - anytime.
- Show you techniques for overcoming stage fright.
- Teach you key aspects of presenting naturally.
- Breakdown the storytelling process and make it so simple you’ll never forget it!
And much MORE!


- Body language: What do I do with my hands and body?
- When producing online content, do I use a script or speak live?
- What communication approach do I take when presenting for different platforms?
- Where should I use certain types of content to spread my business message?
- How do I communicate confidently over the phone, in person and articulate myself clearly?

- 2.5 hours on public speaking and performance 
- 2 hours on storytelling 
- 30 minutes coffee break to rejuvenate and help you (and me) to integrate the first session. 



Express Yourself LIVE is a 5 hour fun, interactive and informative masterclass. You will be up and moving and participating in activities, getting out of your head and into your body. Don’t worry, they’re not those (sometimes awkward and awful) team bonding things. These are games and activities that directly apply to your communication skills. 

The practical components of the class are tailored to each person. The class is a small, intimate group limited to 12 people.
I will work with you individually within the group setting. 

No two people are the same. For me, one size does not fit all when it comes to communication. We’re all at different places within ourselves and in business.
Each person has varied strengths. Each individual has different obstacles to overcome and areas for improvement when it comes to their personal communication habits. 

Over the years my work has enabled me to work with groups and one-on-one with individuals. This experience has enabled me to spot subtleties in an individual’s performance and communication that might otherwise only be spotted with a tuning fork - this is my gift. 

I’ll help you recognise your blocks and support you to move through them very quickly to improve your presenting and communication (three times over) before you leave the Express Yourself LIVE communication masterclass.


- The difference between confidence and certainty
- Playing a role
- Why we try to sound ‘professional’
- How over-planning can sabotage you
- Being afraid of silence
- Overuse and repetition of certain words like the all too familiar, ‘UMM’!
- Consistency in your brand communication
- How value and worth affect your communication
- Pitching yourself to new clients and your audience




Prepare a 1-2 min talk on a topic of your choice (potentially about you, your story or a topic you're an expert on)

I will work with you on perfecting and fine-tuning this short talk - so please, make time to learn this. 
**Attention Perfectionists! It does not have to be PERFECT. 

Please take time to do this or else you’ll miss out on the incredible benefits of working together one-to-one.

** If this feels daunting for you, then please email me and let's talk it over together.



This venue has been chosen with a very clear purpose - something happens to people when they step outside of a CBD environment, when they are able to stop and gaze into an endless ocean. The ocean fosters a calm energy and a slowing down.I see people light up with awe and let down their guard - readying them for learning and some fun! The ocean has been a huge part of my life and it's where I am at my best. If I am to facilitate your best, then it makes complete sense that I welcome you into an open, inspiring and beautiful space. Consider it a mini holiday from your regular day-to-day.

Date: Friday 27th of October, 2017
Venue: Collaroy Beach Swim Club, 1056 Pittwater Rd, Collaroy (On Sydney’s beautiful Northern Beaches)
* All day parking and coffee shops available. Plus ocean views! 
Time: 8am Registration for 8.30am (SHARP) start.
Coffee break: 10.30-10.50am (I recommend ‘Grounded Cafe’ across the road)
Finish: 1.30pm - (Yay! Friday early mark. You can go out for lunch afterwards! Bask in the sunshine or jump in the ocean! Whatever you fancy.)

Dress: Come casual and comfortable - You’re on the beaches after all!


12 spots available only!



We live in a world where communicating and expressing ourselves is critical to our happiness, wellbeing, mental health and business activities. Yet so many of us shy away from being in the spotlight (even a spotlight of 2). Many of us cringe at the thought of having to introduce ourselves to someone in a room full of people - let alone speak onstage. For others, simply saying hello to someone in the street can be awkward and uncomfortable.

More and more people are hiding behind screens and communicating virtually. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, the more open we can learn to be with ourselves, the greater we will be at communicating with others in the REAL world. The more comfortable we can be in our skin, the more confident we are when it comes to delivering our message and raising our voice.

I wholeheartedly believe in self expression. 

My aim is to encourage each and every person that crosses my path to express themselves and be the best communicator they can be. 
If I can help facilitate this in the tiniest of ways, I know I have made an impact on your life. 

I have seen countless people walk into my classes scared, nervous and shy. And then I have seen them leave with a newfound confidence, a connection to self and the realisation that they have something to say. 

And that is why I do what I do. Because seeing this transformation lights me up from within. It makes me smile knowing that maybe that person will find the courage to launch their business idea. Maybe my class will inspire them to talk to someone new and make a friend. Maybe, one thing I say will show someone they are capable and talented enough to start a YouTube series or become a keynote speaker.

I want to help you bring the feeling inside of you out - that’s what communication is about. 

The more we express ourselves, the more we step into our greatness. And we’re all destined for greatness. And sometimes we just need a little guidance along the way for us to realise our power. 



“I worked with Monica to help me develop a richer and deeper connection to my personal and career story bio – to enable potential clients and colleagues to better understand my business through the art of storytelling. Monica has a unique way of asking questions and creating a flowing dialogue that allows people to authentically express their story – through both audio and written media. She is generous with her time, a natural connector and a positive influence on anyone she meets. Aside from that, Monica has a deep passion for understanding people and peeling away the layers to your heart – finding and celebrating your true talents.” 
Debbie Pask, Director/Owner of Zenful Business and Rezinate. 


 "Monica is creative, soulful, clever and professional - a rare combination of talents and skills! She is a wonderful writer, presenter and created the most amazing podcast for Wired for Wonder in 2016. Her experience was so valuable in helping us create some content with a difference. Thank you Monica I know I'll find opportunities to collaborate with you again in the future!" 
- Sarah Roocroft, Co-Founder Commbank's Wired for Wonder, Founder The Wonder Tribe & Sienna Baby