Friday, 2nd June 2017

Day 18 of 100

I started feeling frustrated because I didn't feel like I had anything to say for today's recording and I didn't want to just record something based on what I think might be interesting to listen to.

No. Because this isn't about teaching; it's sharing what I too am learning on this daily adventure. I wanted to be moved as I have been with each recording prior. I wanted whatever insight that were to come; to come from the moment.

Thursday, 1st June 2017

Day 17 of 100

I am really noticing how much of an impact I am able to make on the world by engaging in the things that I LOVE. I can contribute to more love and peace into the world by being aware of my own actions and mindspace. 

Wednesday, 31st May 2017

Day 16 of 100

A simple and short reminder to remember that our time is limited. We do not know how much time we have left, nor do we know how much time those we love have.

So take a moment to see if there are things left unsaid with those nearest and dearest to you. I encourage you to put aside your pride and the story of what has been to create a new story that allows a new type of relationship to blossom.

Wednesday, 31st May 2017

Day 15 of 100

Commitment is such a powerful thing. Yet at times, committing ourselves to something can stir fear. In this recording I share insight on the importance of committing to ourselves and becoming the observer of our fear to recognise, it's only ever temporary.

And I also share my commitment of what the TIny Leaps Series comprises of.

Enjoy and thanks for listening.

Monday, 29th May 2017

Day 14 of 100

Today is a really simple message, one that many people take for granted a lot: Honour and value your self and your body. In a world that seems to promote "Hustle" and gives credit for long hours at the office - even all nighters, this message is a reminder that burn out is not a sustainable and healthy way to live.

In fact, dishonoring how your body feels over time pulls you further away from achieving your dreams.

Take a moment and stop. Stop to feel what your body needs - do it now?

You might surprise yourself.

Sunday, 28th May 2017

Day 13 of 100

A funny truth explored today: the cleverness of ego and it's controlling nature. I dare you to stop and observe your mind. Be very still. Can you see the part of you that's trying to control everything? Can you witness how your ego attempts to manipulate, steer and control the outcomes to ensure its safety and your existence.

Oh, boy!

Saturday, 27th May 2017

“The minute I decided failure was a part of my life and is why I am where I am now (because I failed at other things); it’s empowered me.”

- Rebecca Sullivan, The Moment HQ podcast

Saturday, 27th May 2017

Day 12 of 100

Connecting with our bodies is very powerful. The more we connect, the more we hear what our bodies are telling us and what they require to thrive and be at optimum health. Sometimes that's rest, sometimes that's more play and other times it's about making changes to our current lifestyle and being more conscious with what foods we consume and the people we surround ourselves with.

Saturday, 27th May 2017

Day 10 of 100

This recording dives into the question of 'Are you fully living' and how easily are you distracted by life; from food, to avoiding emotions, to lack of sleep, to an itch. Are you in the Here and Now or have the distractions taken the reins of your existence?

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Friday, 26th May 2017

Day 10 of 100

How quickly we turn our emotions into some elaborate story, which the becomes the running theme of our lives and even our default reason as to why we're feeling a particular way.

Through this awareness, you now have permission to divorce that story. Let that shit go!