I’m a communication consultant and copywriter specialising in writing LinkedIn profiles and personal bios (more on that here). I help professionals and teams be better communicators and express who they are.

I love interviewing people and I love using my voice. I get to do this on my popular iTunes podcast show, where I interview people on Being their Best.

I have interviewed many well known creative minds, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and disruptors. Some of these include, Lisa Messenger, Mia Freedman, JP Sears, Guy Kawasaki, Leonard Brody, Taryn Williams, Sarah Riegelhuth, Sarah Roocroft, Franziska Iseli, Dr John Demartini, Andy Lark, Jo Burston, Nora Gedgaudas, Julie Stevanja and more!  

I have 12 years combined experience in storytelling, copywriting, interviews, publishing and media. My successful online ventures include, Mink Magazine, Career Confessions, editor for WorkDifferent and Managing editor for print publications Aspire and My Business magazine. I also have a Bachelor in Human Resource Management (never used it).

I am a professionally trained actor and presenter. Over the years I have trained at The Atlantic Theatre in New York City, NIDA, Screenwise and privately with John Noble (Lord of the Rings, Fringe, Elementary and Sleepy Hollow) and his daughter, Samantha Noble. I also teach acting at Pointbreak Drama on the Northern Beaches in Sydney.

In 2008 I was nominated as an Anthill Business Magazine Top 30 under 30 Entrepreneur. I've given talks on various aspects of life and healthy living at Commbank’s Wired for Wonder, Northside Clinic, Vibewire's FastBREAK U-Turn and Macquarie University's AIESEC Tour.

Now that we've done the pleasantries, let's get personal.
- I have an ongoing love affair with the ocean. 
- I meditate and do Crossfit daily. I love snowboarding and surfing (in summer). 
- I drink almond milk because since I were a kid the taste of milk makes me gag. 
- I’m a morning person and I love crisp white bed sheets. 
- I’d pick dusk over sunrise-the pastel colours. 
- The ocean on a rainy day is my favourite. 
- I love cooking for people and sharing meals. 
- I really love my baby nephew. 
- I like clean white spaces interspersed with colour 
- I’ve lived in (and love) New York City. 
- I don’t really like doing laundry or washing my car (ugh, hate that). 
- I also really love surprises and writing love letters.

Oh, and my career, well it wasn’t always this clear cut for me. I have been crippled with the idea of what my so called “gift” was. I felt pretty sure it was just some made-up bollocks like “purpose” and life forgot to give me one.





Meet Monica Kade, the Founder of The Moment HQ. Monica hosts a popular iTunes podcast show The Moment HQ: Your Best Starts Now

Monica also has 12 years combined experience in storytelling, copywriting, interviews, publishing and media. Her successful online ventures include, Mink Magazine, Career Confessions, and Managing editor for print publications Aspire and My Business magazine. She also has a Bachelor in Human Resource Management. 

She has worked and consulted with many well-known individuals and brands including, Commonwealth Bank, Wired for Wonder, Xero, Naked Ambition, Studio Kids, Tan-Off, Cachia, Gabrielle Bernstein, Christine Hassler and more.

Her philosophy in life is to share the feeling that moves her. She has lived in New York City and her greatest love is the ocean - particularly on a rainy day! She's an avid daily CrossFitter, snowboarder and (summertime) surfer.

In 2008 she was nominated as an Anthill Business Magazine Top 30 under 30 Entrepreneur. She has given talks on various aspects of healthy living at Commbank’s Wired for Wonder, Northside Clinic, Vibewire's FastBREAK U-Turn and Macquarie University's AIESEC Tour.

Today, Monica continues sharing her journey through writing, her iTunes podcast show and being inspired by life.




Hello There! Thanks for stopping by…

Welcome to The Moment HQ.
My oceanfront beach house I’ve built on the web. You’ll see the sign on the front door says, YOUR BEST STARTS NOW. That’s because in my own life, I aim to be the best I can be in each moment. And if you’re stepping through these doors, you’ll be entering into a haven that aims to facilitate this for you too.

It’s a place that will help you remember what is important in life. THIS MOMENT NOW.

The Moment HQ is where I spend my time working with clients who need copy so good it grabs their audience by the balls (eyeballs of course!).

It's also the place where I talk and write about my personal insights on LOVE, LIFE, HEALTH, WORK and how I navigate it all - and how you can too! 

You’re welcome to visit anytime you feel:
- Off balance
- Your mind’s gone crazy
- You’re broke, unemployed and sitting in a emotional ditch
- You have no f**king idea what you’re doing with your life
- You’re bored - or inspired (we cater for both)
- You wish your kids came with a mute button
- You’ve got a business to launch or a career to reinvent - OR,
- You simply want to kick your feet up and devour some soul-enriching content over a cuppa tea - or a gluten-sugar-dairy-grain-free martini (if that’s your thing) - and yes, they do exist (on the internet where everything is make believe!).

Through this online idaho I share things that may possibly add value to your life and support you to Be Your Best in This Moment

The Moment HQ iTunes Podcast: Your Best Starts Now (love you to subscribe) is one of my favourite things to do. It’s injected with pure heart and dipped in a double layer of ‘Keep it Real’. You can listen to an array of people who do what they love and talk about their journey’s on how they got to where they are. Other times you’ll learn about health, wellbeing and going beyond your perceived limitations to live out your dreams moment-by-moment. #weonlyhavenow

You can also listen to the 100 Days of Tiny Leaps Series - a personal diary type podcast of my daily insights from meditating 2 hours a day for 100 days. 

You can also HIRE ME to write for you. <—Follow that link and you’ll be guided to my word wrangling den.

You can also stay connected by subscribing to my FREE monthly newsletter, where I share even more COOL tidbits - like downloadable audios, videos and Aha! moments - on things (mostly) everyone thinks about but they don’t say aloud! 


Overall, this place is an expression of my soul. It’s a compilation of the things and people that make me come alive and in some way shape or form have inspired me to be a better human.

Experience the Possibilities. Listen to Life Changing Moments.