"Be your best in this moment"

The Moment HQ is a health hub that supports you to be your best in each moment through conscious health and lifestyle choices.

It's a place where all change and health choices start in the Now.

We realise that Being your best requires a healthy mind and body. And without optimum health, it’s like being the last person in line when you’re busting to pee! (It sucks). Without our health we fail to think clearly, we’re tensed, stressed and not sleeping well. And then, we lack inspiration and don’t like ourselves so much. 

And that’s why at The Moment HQ when approaching health and wellness, we do not believe that body and mind are separate. 
In this house, they melt together like cacao in almond milk! (Okay, you can have regular milk).

Healthy living is about making conscious choices and taking actions that support your body and mind to function at their best in THIS moment.
So we’re not about the 10 year nutrition plan or the bangin’ body you think you want. 
Instead we focus on who you're BEING in each moment, and not what you look like. 
We’re here to facilitate change right now in a sustainable and life changing way that’s right for you. 

You can immerse yourself in online programs, live workshops, podcasts, eBooks and blogs, which will create the foundation for lifelong change. 

All of our resources explore the way our mind impacts our health, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. We encourage change from the inside out; from the NOW.

The Moment HQ supports you to become aware of your current health and lifestyle choices. 
We help you recognise the ones that will add gumption to your foundation, and the ones that ought to be in the “too hard” basket…We say “Adiós, Au revoir + Sayonara!” to those.  And if you get separation anxiety for the stuff that doesn’t bring you closer to a healthy life, we’ll guide you.
Through self-education we’ll arm you with the relevant information and experiences that will have you being your best and living a healthy life.

Here's our philosophy:

What a healthy life means to us: A life at peace with oneself.

What health is: The foundation for you to be your best.

Our definition of healthy living: Conscious lifestyle choices that support lifelong change.

Everything you find on this site is about making conscious choices that inevitably bring you into the moment and closer to optimum health.
Because from Here, you can make change.

I hope that by being a part of this community you can foster a healthy life; a life at peace with yourself.
And together, may we continue to Be our best in each moment.


She has a real love to know herself and be her best in each moment - and that requires daily practice and conscious choices.  

Meet Monica Kade, the Founder of The Moment HQ. 

She is currently undertaking studies to be a qualified nutritionist. And is revising the manuscript of her first book, which discusses her health journey and the how the mind plays a crucial role in living a healthy life.

For over 11 years Monica battled with health, exercise, food choices, body image, depression, anxiety and her mental dialogue. For 11 years she lived with an eating disorder. Today she views the experience as a journey of self-discovery and has used it for deep transformation in her life. 

Monica was featured in June 2012 issue of CLEO Magazine discussing body image and on Ch7's Weekend Sunrise talking on eating disorders. 

Her philosophy in life is to share the feeling that moves her. She has lived in New York City and her greatest love is the ocean - particularly on a rainy day! 

Monica also has 12 years combined experience in storytelling, copywriting, interviews, publishing and media. She still consults in storytelling and copywriting on request through TELL YOUR STORY. Her successful online ventures include, Mink Magazine, Career Confessions, and Managing editor for print publications Aspire and My Business magazine. She also has a Bachelor in Human Resource Management and has completed Reiki 1 Training.

In 2008 she was nominated as an Anthill Business Magazine Top 30 under 30 Entrepreneur. She has given talks on various aspects of healthy living at Commbank’s Wired for Wonder, Northside Clinic, Vibewire's FastBREAK U-Turn and Macquarie University's AIESEC Tour.

Today, Monica continues sharing her journey through writing, her iTunes podcast show and being inspired by life.



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