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I'm Monica. 

I work with business owners, influencers & coaches.
I help you fine-tune and communicate the voice of your personal brand.

If you lack clarity around your personal brand,
If you don’t know how to express your personal brand
or are unsure how to communicate to others
what you do — then let’s work together.

Maybe you're tired of blending into the crowd and are ready to stand out!

If you wish to be more confident in who you are and share your
personal brand’s message like no other, you’ve come to the right place.

We work together to put Your Voice to Your Dream.

My philosophy is that self-expression leads us to living the life we love.


We can work together through my copywriting offerings,
 corporate training program and communication masterclasses




We all have a dream. 
And, I believe every individual has a voice and a message to be expressed. 
My work is about supporting you to bring yours out. 

I’ve realised through my own journey how detrimental not expressing oneself can be.
It damages our closest relationships, it diminishes our sense of self and keeps us small. 

I know I am at my best when I am open to life and communicate effectively - that’s when I stand in my power.

With all the people I’ve had the pleasure of working with, I’ve seen the same thing…

The moment they open themselves up to life and their true essence,
they’re unstoppable and captivating.

The very thing you’re looking for, you already have!

And sometimes, we just need a little guidance along the way to realise this. That’s what I can help you with!


Some brands I've helped




"Communicating what you feel opens you up to unlimited possibilities
and paves the way for an authentic life." 

- Monica Kade


As a master wordsmith, Monica Kade swiftly summons words from infinity and weaves them into existence 
to catapult your personal brand into the world.

Monica works with individuals and helps them fine-tune and communicate the voice of their personal brand
— the essence of who they are. She dives deep beyond the surface of your brand to draw out what makes up "You".

She’s the woman that'll wrangle the thoughts running laps in your mind and help you articulate them.
Together you’ll rein in those pesky nerves and feelings of self doubt and knock em' flat.

Her aim is to encourage each person to communicate with purpose, clarity and power.  
And, her 12 years combined experience in copywriting, interviews, publishing and media fuel her mission.

You can work with Monica through copywriting, 1:1 personal brand sessions and masterclasses.

Her ability to capture the essence of people and what others cannot express in words is remarkable
- which is why she is a highly sought out LinkedIn / bio writer. While her Speaker Training Masterclasses
help people be authentic in their presenting and speaking.

She's an extraordinary interviewer and hosts The Monica Kade podcast on iTunes and has 22.9K global listeners.

Over the years she has interviewed many well known creative minds, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and disruptors.
Some of these include Lisa Messenger, Lewis Howes, Danielle La Porte, Christine Hassler, Gabrielle Bernstein,
Mia Freedman, JP Sears, Guy Kawasaki, Leonard Brody, Wes Carr, Ben Lee, Taryn Williams, Sarah Riegelhuth, 
Sarah Roocroft,
Franziska Iseli, Dr John Demartini, Andy Lark, Jo Burston, Nora Gedgaudas, Julie Stevanja
 and more! 

She writes regularly for Collective Hub, Thrive Global, Commbank's Women in Focus and her successful online ventures
include Mink Magazine, Career Confessions; Editor for WorkDifferent and Managing editor for print publications:
Aspire and My Business magazine.

Monica has worked with global and national brands including Commonwealth Bank, Wired for Wonder, Xero,
Naked Ambition, 
Studio Kids, Tan-Off, Cachia, Gabrielle Bernstein, Christine Hassler and more.

In 2008, she was nominated as an Anthill Business Magazine Top 30 under 30 Entrepreneur. Monica has also spoken at
Commbank’s Wired for Wonder, Northside Clinic, Vibewire's FastBREAK U-Turn and Macquarie University's AIESEC Tour.

Monica has appeared on Ch7's Sunrise, on podcasts Seek The Joy, Fierce Entrepreneurs, The Ladies Lounge, The Super Mom podcast,
The Zen Business Podcast, Leading Rebels, The Gratitude Podcast, Dreaming & Doing with Nicky Raby, Break the Facade Project
Promenade with Me. She's also been featured in CLEO magazine, Collective Hub, The Cool Career and PsychCentral.

She has an ongoing love affair with the ocean - especially on a rainy day. She loves sunset over sunrise for the pastel
colours and drinks black coffee. Monica has also lived in NYC (a second love affair). She meditates and is an avid snowboarder,
summertime surfer and loves CrossFit.



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